Tuesday 28 August 2012

Hackney Wicked at Red!

Had a great weekend performing the Diamond Angel for Hackney Wicked at the exciting arts event Red Market (part of the Red Gallery). Was fun to perform in the middle of the day and late at night. Its the first time I've done a performance with the Angels and think am hooked! Am in the process of making more Diamond Angels, I want an army of them for the next one! Massive thanks to my glamorous assistants (I'd never be able to get in and more importantly out of the costume with out them) and to Dee for documenting it!

                                         I love this detail!!!

                                         A quick test before going out

                                         Last performance on Sunday night (this pic by Jim Lister)
 Have been busy this morning washing sand out of the latex (it gets everywhere!!!) and preparing for a shoot. Here's a bunch of links for Hackney Wicked / Red Market!

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