Sunday 27 May 2012

Diamond Angel Shoot

Had a great shoot yesterday with Dee!!
We shot just down the road from my house on the edge of the A12 (east london). After various experiments I followed some advice from a fellow inventor that it's possible to create a vacuum just by using your breath. I didn't think it would work but goddamn it did!! So much better than having to take a portable vacuum cleaner around and I love the fact it makes the wearer/performer who makes it all work, makes it a more holistic being (if that doesn't sound to hippy).

Got lots of friendly and at times Gung-Ho responses from passers by. It always amazes me how often people ask Dee "whats that thing there" and have no idea there's a person wearing these things.
It's a vacuum in there so I have to wear ear plugs because of the pressure, this adds to the feeling of separation from reality and I just kind of forget where I am. Being one of the hottest day's of the year yesterday I was a bit worried I'd overheat but as we shot just as the sun was going down the temperature in there was ok (just about). Apparently zipping me into the Diamond vac section is much harder than it was when we first started testing it, Dee blamed it on too many KitKat Chunkys! What a cheeky monkey!
Below is a couple of pics Dee took on her phone (taking the film to get developed today) and she also took a video of me doing the breathing to create the vacuum, I like how it makes the Angel look like some kind of alive machine!

here's the video:

Tuesday 1 May 2012

Vac Manta Test Pic's

here's few pics Dee took during todays test! The costume needs more work and but I think it's coming together!

Manta Angel Test

Just done a test for a new vacuum Angel in my back garden. Was quite successful, needs a bit more work...For the actual shoot we going down to the muddy river banks with smoke machine!!!!