Friday 20 April 2012

Travis Hodges 'Follow me' project

Award winning photographer Travis Hodges has just revealed all the photos from his great new portrait project 'Follow Me'. One of the images is of me in my first Angel costume.
Each person that was photographed was asked to recommend the next subject. Travis photographed Dee (it's a great pic so check it out on the link below) and she put him on to me next. We did the shoot in a friends back yard who lived in the same building as our studio in Hackney Wick. Travis was interested in the transformation that takes place as I put on an Angel costume and so came up with this great image. I love the post apocalyptic feel the location has. When I see images of the Angels I don't ever think of them as me so it's strange to look at this and see the gradual transformation. 
 check out the full project on his site:
and find him on twitter: 
 I recommended Pete Hodges, (no relation) an old friend and who I share the studio with to be the next subject. It's a great image of him in the studio! I look forward to doing something with Travis again!

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