Tuesday, 29 October 2013

V&A Friday Late: Back to the 80's

Was a fantastic experience performing in the V&A on Friday, especially the Shrine as I'd got a lot of inspiration from there to make it (that and Indiana Jones films!)
I've never performed more than one vacuum piece in one night and I did three. Feel like I've only just recovered. Was chuffed so many friends came to watch and more importantly help me get in and out of the pieces, was nice my dad came along too. A great night!

Now I'm busy making my new piece for Rubber Cult in December, as I missed the last one I've promised to do something extra special, no pressure then!

                 Shining the latex                                         The Queen

I can't see anything in the Angels, it wasn't until I saw the pics that I
realized how many people there were gathered around!
                                          The Diamond Angel by Samson and the Philistines
 Coming down the stairs about to enter the Shrine
Photos by Dee O'Connell, Jim Lister, Victoria and Albert Museum & my dad.
There's some great pics from the night on V&A Flickr :

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Skin Two & V&A

Am so excited to be featured in the new edition of Skin Two Magazine.

 Dee O'Connell's images look great in print, the double page spread of my Scorpion Angel looks amazing. It was taken in Middlesex Filter Beds in the Lea Valley and has such a Texas Chainsaw vibe! And her image of my Diamond Angel in Hackney Wick is a great introduction the the piece.
Am busy getting ready to perform my latex vacuum pieces in the V&A on Friday evening the 25th of this month. Its in conjunction with the 80's Fashion exhibition on at the moment, come on down if you're around! I'm performing at 7pm, 8pm and 9.pm

Get your own copy from here:

Heres a link to the event at the V&A: