Saturday 21 April 2012

Dimond Angel Test

We just did the first test for the new Angel. Am so happy with how it looks! The way the red latex sucks against the rigid frame and my body is ace! With most of these Angels I have no idea how its actually going to look until we do these tests so it's a bit nerve wreaking, have got as far as doing a shoot (in the middle of the night in a sand pit) in the past when we realized the costume just didn't work and needed to be drastically rethought.  Think we gonna get a great shoot out of this one. The suction of the hover was WAY to powerful, felt like it was going to push the frame right though my ribs so I need to work on that. I could only stand it for a second, hence Dee having to turn the hover on and straight off again. With a little tweaking I think we will be ready to shoot this mother real soon!!!!

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