Tuesday 8 December 2015

Making the TOMB

A lot of my 2015 was spent developing a large latex vacuum installation/performance especially for SPILL Festival of Performance 2015 (the biggest vac piece I'd ever attempted).
Was a challenge to work out how I could make a piece that could house 5 performers and that I'd be able to create a full vacuum just by my own breathing.
It took over 50 meters of latex to make, the base was largely made from scrap from dismantled bathroom sets.
Here's a brief overview of the making of it.
Tomb was supported using public funding by Arts Council England

Big insparation for the form     Final design sketch                              Fully working model with 5 Star
came from Trajens Column                                                                  Wars figures inside!
in the V&A cast courts.
Gluing 4.5 meter seams in the      Scavenging the junk pile to make            Getting a bit Close
latex in my flat                              the base.                                                   Encounters in my flat
After A LOT of fiddling, got the curve of the plinths to fit       First test, such a relief it worked
the shaped tube. As the tube had to be inset into the plinth       (especially as were about to do our
it had to fit perfect                                                                      full cast rehearsal minutes later!)


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