Friday 3 May 2013

A Galaxy Far Far Away.....

Just back from an amazing road trip through Tunisia with friend Jim, the place blew my mind, so did driving! Was massively excited to go and stay in the Troglodyte dwelling in Matmata where they filmed Star Wars (Luke's home with his Aunt & Uncle).
We had the entire place to our selves all night so decided to shoot my Scorpion Angel. I'd taken it with me hoping to find somewhere we'd get to do a shoot but never imagined I'd get to do it there! Was such and fun and exciting thing to do and I'm so glad with the pictures Jim took. I'd love to go back and shoot more of my stuff in the desert!
Only just back and now getting a huge vacuumed latex Angel ready to perform at Rubber Cult tomorrow night!

Photography by Jim Lister

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